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A little about myself....

My name is "Noriko Takahashi".

I'm a Japanese girl (pretty young as a square dancer), living in Tokyo.
After 5 years of marriage, I got divorced and now I live by myself with a little cat named "Racheal". (She was named after the girl from the movie "Blade Runner".)

My profession was market research and I've done it for 8 years. July 1999, I was transfered to another division in my company and now I do take care of the system of our division.I went to Keio University in Japan and majored in English. Before that, I used to live in United States (New Jersey) for 7 years.
When I went there, I was only 11 years-old and was there until 18. My parents still live in U.S. and I visit them every year in New Year's vacation.

Well, back to square dancing, I started dancing in summer of 1993.
I now dance upto C-4 and dance in U.S. once or twice a year.
Square dancing situations are almost the same in Japan. (No young people coming in and dancers are getting older and older.)
So, I thought "How about using internet to recruit young people?" and started making my homepage in September 1997.

Now, I receive one or two e-mails in a week and feel that this is making a success.
Any kind of feedback is welcome so, please e-mail me.

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Copyright (c) 1998- Noriko Takahashi, All rights reserved.