"I'm Kissing You Goodbye"

"I'm Kissing You Goodbye"

  • "I'm Kissing You Goodbye"は一昨年の『ワイルドライフ・コンサート』の折に初演されたジョンの新曲で、最近のコンサートのハイライトを飾っていました。曲は明るく楽しいカントリー調で、詞は男女の別れをシニカルかつコミカルに歌っています。(カサンドラとの一件にインスパイアされたともいわれています。)ジョンはこの曲を「ロイヤル・ファミリーに捧げます」と言って歌っていました(もちろん、ダイアナさんがなくなる前の話ですが)。ともあれ、聴衆の爆笑・大喝采をまきおこしたこの曲、私もある筋から入手したコンサートの客席録音で聞きましたが、シングルにすればカントリー・チャートでの大ヒットは間違いなしと言う感じです。ジョンはバンドなしのコンサートの時は、カラオケでこの曲を歌っていたので、すでにレコーディングは済ませているはずです。遠からず、リリースされる日がくるでしょう。

    "(Get Your Tongue Out Of My Mouth,) I'm Kissing You Goodbye"
    by John Denver

    Oh, at first it was just like heaven
    In your heart and in your arms
    And paradise discovered
    In the sweetness of your charms
    Yes, and every day a miracle
    To awake and be with you
    And every night in your embrace
    Another dream come true

    But castles sometimes crumble
    Some rivers still run dry
    And fairy tales are witches tales
    When the truth becomes a lie
    And a pocket full of promises
    Won't buy a diamond ring
    And every word you said to me
    Just didn't mean a thing

    It's over now, you've gone too far
    I can't take anymore
    Be careful now - don't hurt yourself
    When you walk through that door

    I can hardly stand to look at you
    It makes me want to cry
    Get your tongue out of my mouth
    Because I'm kissing you goodbye!

    Now I suppose I'll never know
    Why things turned out this way
    And why the one you love the most
    Is the one you drove away

    Yes, and I suppose I'll never, ever
    Really understand
    How I could think that you'd
    Make me a happy, married man

    So now I sit and contemplate
    The reason for it all
    The climb to heights of ecstasy
    The failure and the fall
    If a broken heart is purposeful
    It's in the lesson learned
    No matter what the reason is.....
    It hurts when you get burned

    Now I don't care, I don't think
    I'll ever love again
    "Kemosabe" used to mean
    A good and trusted friend

    But now it stands for therapy
    And all the tears I cry
    Get your tongue out of my mouth
    'Cause I'm kissing you goodbye!

    Copyright 1995 by John Denver
    Unpublished song.....used only in concerts

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