• 「Sing Australia, John Denver in Concert」情報

    昨年10月発売を噂されながら発売が延び延びになっていた「Sing Australia, John Denver in Concert」ですが、今度こそ、2月26日にオーストラリア発売が決まったようです。アメリカ盤発売 は今のところ予定がないので、輸入盤店の店頭での入手は難しいと思われます。HMVのカタログからはいつの間にか消えてしまったようですが、importCD.comなる通販サイトでオーダーすることができます。

    artist: Denver, John
    title: Sing Australia: John Denver In Concert
    price:$ 18.99 release date: 01/14/2001

    country of origin: AUS
    catalog: Pre-Order
    genre: Country
    catalog number: 74321664832


    1.Sweet Surrender
    2.Take Me Home, Country Roads
    3.Back Home Again
    4.Leaving On A Jet Plane
    5.Rocky Mountain High
    6.Fly Away
    7.Annie's Song
    8.Grandma's Feather Bed
    9.For You
    10.I'm Sorry
    11.Is It Love?
    12.In A Far Away Land
    14.This Old Guitar
    15.Rhymes and Reasons
    16.Sing Australia
    17.Boy From The Country
    18.Poems, Prayers and Promises


    オーストラリアでは、CDとVHSが同時発売されるとのこと。(ビデオにカラオケが付くかどうかは不明。) (2001年1月20日)

  • 『ファイナル・デスティネーション』封切り!

    映画『ファイナル・デスティネーション』が、東京では日比谷みゆき座ほかで、1月20日から封切り公開されます。ご興味ある方は、映画館に足を運んでみて下さい。 (2001年1月20日)

  • RMH Jan. 2001 Newletter

    Rocky Mountain High -The Internet John Denver fan Clubから今世紀最初のニュースレターが配信されました。




  • ジェームス・バートン、R&Rの殿堂入り!

    JDのリード・ギタリストを長年つとめたギタリスト、ジェームズ・バートン氏がこのほど「ロックン・ロールの殿堂」入りを果たしました。 ジョン関係のミュージシャンとしては、ハル・ブレインに続いて二人目ということになります。(2000年12月15日)

  • ホラー映画にRMHが!





  • ジョンとマーディ・ミューリーさんの写真販売

    ジョンも出演している、マーディ・ミューリーさんの伝記映画『The Arctic Dance』撮影時の、ジョンとマーディさんの2ショット写真を、映画の制作に携わった「The Mardie Center」という団体が販売してくれます。くわしくは、Emily ParrisさんのHPの掲示板にあった以下の書き込みをご参照下さい。

    Photos of John and Mardy Murie Now Available!! These are beautiful photos!!Greeting from the Murie ranch in Moose, Wyoming. I assume that most of you all were able to attend a screening of Arctic Dance: The Mardy Murie Story while you were in Aspen. The Murie Center was delighted to hear that the film got such a wonderful response! John Denver and Mardy Murie were dear friends and shared the same love of wilderness. I hope that The Murie Center and John Denver fans can carry forward their friendship and wilderness values in the years to come.

    Let me tell you a little bit about The Murie Center. We stand as a voice for the value of wild nature and its connection to the human spirit. We carry forward the heart of the Murie legacy of defending wilderness. Our home is the Murie ranch, Mardy's home, a sanctuary of simplicity and wildness, in the heart of Grand Teton National Park. Here, we bring together people from many backgrounds, from all over the world, who through their own work influence others. Together, through dialogue and collaborative projects, by exploring our connections to wild nature, we expand and deepen the work of conservation. Supportive of our core mission, the center takes a leadership role in selected national conferences and local events, expanding our influence as did the Muries. Our purpose is to renew energy and foster fresh thinking among those whose work serves a conservation ethic, helping increase their effectiveness in influencing change in the way people see and interact with nature.

    If you are interested in the center's work and would like to be put on our mailing list, please email me with your name, address and phone number. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Gloria Polis for taking the film to Aspen with her and arranging for its screening. It is through her love for both Mardy and John that we are now able to meet.

    Gloria told me that many of you were interested in obtaining a copy of the picture of Mardy and John that she displayed while she was in Aspen. Well, we actually have two that will now be available for purchase. Both pictures were taken by Lois Corbett, Mardy's caregiver, on August 6, 1997 at the Murie ranch. The first photo is the one that many of you saw. It is a horizontal picture and shows John with his arm around Mardy. The second photo is vertical and shows John kissing Mardy on the cheek. In both photos John is wearing a Western style short sleeved shirt and Mardy is wearing a Nordic style sweater.

    We will offer each picture as a 5 x 7" or 8 x 10" reprint, unframed. 5 x 7" $15.00 and includes shipping and handling 8 x 10" $20.00 and includes shipping and handling Photo #1 = John with his arm around Mardy Photo #2 = John kissing Mardy on the cheek If you are interested in purchasing a photo please email me back, indicating which photo you would like and in what size.

    At the same time please drop a check or money order in the mail to: The Murie Center PO Box 399 Moose, WY 83012 Upon receipt of your check, your photo will be sent to you.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to email me or give me a call at (307) 739-2246. Checks should be made payable to The Murie Center. We are sorry, at this time we cannot except credit cards. May you all have a safe and happy holiday season, Susanne McDonald -- Susanne McDonald Director of Operations The Murie Center PO Box 399 Moose, WY 83012 (307) 739-2246 www.muriecenter.org

    - Tuesday, November 28, 2000 at 10:12:10 (EST)

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  • 『オートグラフ』遂にCD化!!


    しかも、従来収録の11曲に加えて、同じセッションで録音された「On The Wings Of An Eagle」「Dance Little Jean」の2曲(1998年発売の未発表曲集『Foerver, John!』が初出)がボーナス・トラックとして収録されるそうです。




  • RMH December Newsletter



  • ロン、怒る!

    以下は、"TAKE ME HOME"を観てムカムカしちゃったジョンの弟ロンが、 LAタイムズにあてた手紙です。現時点でこれが無事にLAタイムズに掲載されたかどうかは、まだ未確認です。

    "Take ME Home,the John Denver Story";which aired Sunday nite last week,I must say I am tremendously disappointed. This was not an accurate portrayal of my brothers life,nor are the events and people included an honest depiction.

    The people responsible for this,chose to incorrectly portray John Denvers life for reasons I cannot imagine,(personal gain?) not to relay the truth of my brothers life! I know this is not the fault of CBS,none the less,I portrayal of my brothers life,the good and the bad!

    Our dad,though indeed hard on us, always supported John in his dream. Dad and Mom were the ones who let John quit college,and go to LA,where they imporsed on friends, for a job and a place to stay for John while he attempted to get his start. Our father never gave my brother a hard time about the name change, though he had every right to do so, and the phrase "How dy Doody is famouse"was never spoken. The relationship between our father and my brother was great,and though they had difficulties when John was younger,(what children don't most of the time) those had long since been forgotten before Johns first TV Special,not just before our dad passed away as shown in the movie. Our father was very quick to reray how"proud"he was of my brother and his accomplishments throughout John's career,as well as his love for his son!

    Nor did John write"Annies Song"just before he and Annie divorced,as we are lead to believe in movie,for the purpose of attempted reconciliation,but many years prior to their difficulties.

    Ask Jerry Weintraub about Hal Thau's involvement in John's career,versus bookeeping!Hal owes all that he has to my brother!

    For him to say in Memorial Service he felt like John was the brother he never had sure makes me wonder,"How is our mom doing Hal?"As there was supposedly no will,do you think she is being taken care of as John would have wanted?

    The only good to come from this "TV Movie" is a certain exposure of my brothers music,in prime time!"

    Ronald L. Deutschendorf John Denver's only brother

  • テレビ映画"Take Me Home-The John Denver Story"評

    米Variety誌のホームページに載った、"Take Me Home"評です。


    Entertainment Headlines

    Thursday April 27 1:13 AM ET
    CBS' ``Denver'' debacle
    Take Me Home: The John Denver Story (Sun. (30), 9-11 p.m., CBS)

    By Phil Gallo

    HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - Wholesome -- an accurate description of John Denver-- does not necessarily translate into corny -- an accurate description of ``The John Denver Story.''

    In a superficial retelling of Denver's rise to fame and his commitment to the environment, Stephen Harrigan's small-screen adaptation of Denver's biography focuses on how Denver seemingly lived for one thing only: the approval of his Air Force pilot father. Even if this picture had stuck to the facts, it could have created a far warmer portrait of a man whose simple and uplifting songs became his passport to the world.

    In the title role, Chad Lowe spends the two hours with a ceaseless grin plastered on his face, as if his character study had been limited to album covers and publicity shots. Lowe lip-syncs several Denver classics and a few lesser-known tunes, giving the pic's target audience -- fans who grew up with ''Country Roads'' and ``Rocky Mountain High'' -- one element to keep them tuned in. Background music outside the 15 Denver numbers is unabashedly treacly.

    Pic is blocked out by years, starting with a terse discussion between Major Dad (a stern Gerald McRaney) and Denver in 1964. Young John has made up his mind he will quit college and become a folk musician on the hootenanny circuit. He becomes a member of the Chad Mitchell Trio and in 1965 meets his future wife Annie (Kristin Davis), whom he pursues across states and time zones with a marriage proposal always at the ready.

    His musical run as solo act -- the Mitchell breakup story here is half-fiction -- takes flight at the D.C. club the Cellar Door in '67. Evidently figuring the core audience is aware that Peter, Paul & Mary struck it big for Denver in 1969 when his ``Leaving on a Jet Plane'' was a hit for the trio, the picture moves straight to 1972, a year in which ``Country Roads'' was already a year old, but producers chose to tell us he was just writing the tune.

    Rather than explore what goes into the making of singer-songwriter in the 1970s and how Denver developed as an artist, telepic leaps ahead another four years, concentrating on Annie's disillusionment with Denver's career, their fertility problems and that nagging problem about Dad.

    ``You don't want to live in the Rocky Mountains,'' Annie shouts at John as he plans treks to China, Africa and Hollywood (for ``Oh, God!'' with George Burns), ``you just want to sing about it.'' Well yeah -- he was taking advantage of opportunities to enter Communist countries as well as use television to increase his visibility, which opened doors for artists for decades to come. That, apparently, is a completely different story.

    As is the role of Jerry Weintraub, who took over as Denver's manager during the singer's early days at RCA. Denver is managed throughout the telepic by Hal Thau (Brian Markinson), who dictates every bit of news to Denver in an unenthusiastic drone. News such as RCA has dropped Denver. (The telepic says it was because he hadn't had a hit; reality says new owners GE didn't want performers with liberal agendas).

    Final third of the Denver story tries to find drama in Dad's acceptance of Denver -- John has, surprise, taken up flying -- his divorce from Annie, a reconciliation with his two adopted children and his short-lived marriage to Aussie Cassandra Delaney, their baby and his DUI. It's all so pat and as it jumbles years with facts, it skips over his vital anti-censorship testimony in front of Congress in tandem with Frank Zappa. And it only offhandedly mentions his connections with Jacques Cousteau.

    Biographies should get behind the subject and supply the information that generally has been overlooked elsewhere. For every time Denver made a goofy recording with the Muppets, he had an adventurous recording partner as well (among them Placido Domingo, Bob Marley's Wailers and I-Threes, and France's Sylvie Vartan). Denver's music may not belong in any hall of fame, but his considerable contributions to society deserve a better treatment than this work.

    Davis plays Annie as if she's still doing her role on ``Sex and the City'': a bit naive and trusting, but thoroughly dissatisfied once there is more than their love in the picture. Her character, however, is at least two-dimensional whereas all others are written and played to move along the story. McRaney gets only one shot to do more than sound embarrassed about his kid, and that comes off well despite it's obviousness.

    Jerry London's direction is serviceable yet Mike Fash's cinematography, particularly of mountain views, is arresting for a small-screen production. It is unmatched by the drama of the story at hand. Denver's family life, it seems, just wasn't all that out of the ordinary. That should have been a clue to direct the focus elsewhere.

    John Denver ...... Chad Lowe
    Annie Denver ..... Kristin Davis
    Dutch ............ Gerald McRaney
    Hal Thau ......... Brian Markinson
    Irma ............. Susan Hogan
    Zak .............. Wezley Morris
    Anna Kate ........ Stefanie Walmsley
    Milt ............. Garry Chalk
    Cassandra ........ Clare Lapinskie

    With: Gage Giles, Reg Tupper, Kelly Dean Sereda, Byron Lucas, Tyler Labine, Tyrone Leitso, Kurt Evans, Saskia Gould, Dylan McCoombs-Austin, Emma Woo, Ty Olsson, Kristina Matisic, Trevor Devall, Ingrid Tesch, Jennifer Copping, Don Thompson.

    Filmed in Vancouver, B.C., by Granada Entertainment. Executive producers, Jon Cowan, Robert Rovner, Scott Siegler, Antony Root; producer, Carroll Newman; co-producer, Harold Thau; director, Jerry London; teleplay, Stephen Harrigan, based on the book ''Take Me Home'' by John Denver and Arthur Tobier; director of photography, Mike Fash; production designers, Linda Del Rosario, Richard Paris; editor, Bernard Gribble; sound, Tim Richardson; music, Lee Holdridge; casting, Jason La Padura, Natalie Hart.




  • ジョンが序文を書いた、久司道夫氏の著書発売

    生前、ジョンも実践していた食養生法「マクロビオティック」の普及者として知られる、久司道夫氏の著書で米国で発刊されていた 正食協会 大阪市中央区大手通2−2−7 電話 06−6941−7506 フリーfax 0120−209677 ついでに、下記ぺージに関係図書の一覧とかあります。 http://www.macrobiotics.ne.jp/

  • ジョンの自叙伝、テレビ映画化!

    ジョンが1994年に発表した自叙伝"Take Me Home"がテレビ映画化され、4月30日にCBSで放映されます。タイトルは"Take Me Home-The John Denver Story"。




  • "Take Me Home-The John Denver Story"サントラ発売



    1. Annie's Song
    2. Leaving, On A Jet Plane
    3. Back Home Again
    4. My Sweet Lady
    5. Rocky Mountain High
    6. Take Me Home, Country Roads
    7. This Old Guitar
    8. Love Again
    9. Thank God I'm A Country Boy - (live)
    10. For Baby (For Bobbie)
    11. Follow Me
    12. Calypso
    13. Poems, Prayers, And Promises
    14. Perhaps Love
    15. Sunshine On My Shoulders
    16. Flying For Me


  • トリビュートCDも発売

    テレビ映画の放映に便乗する形で、"Take Me Home: A Tribute To John Denver"なるVAトリビュート・アルバムが、これまた4月18日にBadmanというレーベルから発売されました。

    1. Eagle And The Hawk, The - Bonnie Prince Billy
    2. Follow Me - The Innocence Mission
    3. Poems Prayers And Promises - Rachel Haden
    4. Fly Away - Red House Painters
    5. Around And Around - Mark Kozelek/Rachel Goswell
    6. Looking For Space - Hannah Marcus
    7. Matthew - Granfaloon Bus
    8. Annie's Song - Sunshine Club
    9. Whispering Jesse - James Hindle
    10. Leaving On A Jet Plane - Tarnation/Joe Gore
    11. Back Home Again - Low
    12. I'm Sorry - Red House Painters


  • レコード・コレクターズ5月号



    もうひとつは、スティーリー・ダンのリマスター盤発売に関連して、リミックス・エンジニアのロジャー・ニコルズ氏に関する記事。(p.95) 同氏は、JDの録音エンジニアを長くつとめ、後期のアルバムの多くをプロデュースしています。(2000年4月)

  • JD出演ビデオ再発

    1990年のEarth Dayにちなんで、アメリカのPBSテレビが製作した1時間番組"InPartnership With Earth"のビデオがこのたび再発売されることになりました。内容は、Johnがアスペンの大自然やMesa verde国立公園の中を歩きながら地球との共生について語る、というもの。下記にて取り扱っています。(2000年4月)

    SunFire productions
    210 AABC Suite M, Aspen,
    Colorado 81611 USA
    Tel 970-920-9292 Fax 970-920-1459
    email; sequoia@rof.net

  • ハル・ブレイン、「ロックン・ロール名誉の殿堂」入り

    ジョンの全盛時代のドラマーだったハル・ブレイン(71歳)が、今年2月、「ロックン・ロール名誉の殿堂(Rock and Roll Hall of Fame)」入りを果たしました。JamesJamerson、Earl Palmer、Scotty Moore、Curtis Ousleyらと並んでの殿堂入りで、いわゆるサイドメンたちが殿堂入りを果たすのは今回が初めてのこと。(2000年4月)


  • 海賊盤CD発売中!

    下記サイトにて、シンガポール直輸入(?)の海賊盤CDを買うことが出来ます。CDは『想い出のヒットポップス〜ジョン・デンバー(Immortal Popular Hit)』のタイトルで、「総輸入元・株式会社アーク」、だそうです。

    中身は、"An Evening With John Denver"の音源に、後から打ち込み系の音をオーバーダブしたと思われる、チープな音が入っています。無許可でオリジナル音源を改ざんしているようですが、その意図・目的は不明。(2000年4月)


  • フィギュア・スケートでジョン!

    エクシビジョンで、ジョンの「フォー・ユー」を使うカナダのペア、 ジェイミー・サレーとデイビッド・ペルティエが、2月25日、大阪で開催されたフィギュアスケート四大陸選手権ペアの部で見事優勝。ただし、このときは「フォー・ユー」は使用しませんでした。(2月26日)

  • 激似曲!




  • アスペン2000

    今年のアスペンでのトリビュート・コンサート("A Musical Tribute to John Denver")の日程は、10月13−15日の3日間になると、Muse Fundationからの公式発表がありました。チケットは春に発売になるそうです。

    また、10月16日(月)には、Inn At Aspenという場所で、"Let This Be A Voice" symposiumなるイベントが行われるそうです。こちらの方は近々チケットが発売されるとのことです。

    Offical dates for the Aspen 2000 John Denver Tribute Concert are available. A Musical Tribute to John Denver will be held in Aspen, Colorado on October 13, 14 and 15. Tickets will not be available until Spring. For further information and correspondence, please contact The MUSE Foundation at Muse@erols.com.

    Peace In Remebering John,

    Maureen Andersen

  • クリス・オコナー公式サイト




    メール下さい nisenora@ari.bekkoame.ne.jpまで。 『バックホームアゲイン』