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  • JD on the Scheffs site

    There is a discussion section for JD on Jerry Scheff's web site. Jerry played the bass in the JD band from 80s to 90s. (May 12)

  • Red Rocks Ampitheatre to be "improved"

    The City of Denver announced plans to make "improvements" at the beautiful and natural Red Rocks Ampitheatre. For more info go to http://www.red-rocks.org/ or email (May 12)

  • "The Wheeler Opera House" CD now available on Naturemusic.com

    "A Musical Tribute to John Denver-The Wheeler Opera House" CD is now available on NatureMusic.com. (May 12)

  • JohnDenver.net redesigned

    Mumze's wonderful web site, JohnDenver.net, has been redesigned. (May 12)

  • Updates from Pete

    Here are messages from Pete Huttlinger, as he wrote them on the newsgroup for JD fans:

    ・From: Pete Huttlinger, In: Nashville, Tn USA
    ・EMail: hutt1@ix.netcom.com
    ・Posted: Sunday, May 09, 1999 at 17:42:47 (CDT)
    "Colors in Time, Volume II"

    Hi Everybody, Just wanted to let you all know that Chris and I are finished with the music to "Colors, II" We are just getting the artwork and manufacturing finished up and it should be ready to ship in about 4 weeks. As we did before, we are accepting advance orders. It was a big help on the first one and we would really appreciate anyone who is interested in participating again. Also, we would be glad to autograph any advanced orders. The price of the cd's will remain at $15.00 but the shipping charges are now $2.50 for up to 3 cd's and $4.00 4 or more cd's. We have toll free number for ordering by Mastercard or Visa now. It is 1-800-475-7115. Or you can still write to: INSTAR RECORDS PO BOX 90244 NASHVILLE, TN. 37209 We looking forward to seeing everyone in Aspen again this fall.

    All the best, Pete Huttlinger

    ・From: Pete Huttlinger, In: Nashville, Tn USA
    ・EMail: hutt1@ix.netcom.com
    ・Posted: Sunday, May 09, 1999 at 17:54:29 (CDT)
    ・Song list

    Oops! Here is a list of the songs we recorded. As before, we have tried to put our own voice into the music and we are really enjoying the tracks. These are like you've never heard them before. Spirit, Rocky Mtn. High, Jet Plane, Annie's Song, Country Roads, Darcy Farrow, This Old Guitar, Back Home Again, Perhaps Love, Thank God I'm a Country Boy.

    We also included a beautiful piece that Chris composed and a piece that I wrote for guitar and cello that John had been planning on writing the lyrics for.

    Bye for now,
    Pete Huttlinger.

  • Germany compilation with rare tracks

    A small record label in Germany called "Zounds" will release a brandnew compilation CD with rather rare tracks. Single versions of "Life Is So Good"( a minute longer than album version) and "Sweet Surrender"(shortened and alternate mix) are for the first time on CD. Jochen Michalak, a staff of Germany JD fan club, helped selecting songs and wrote liner notes.

    Here's the track list:

    Leaving On A Jet Plane (from Greatest Hits I)
    Country Roads
    Sweet Surrender (single version, first time on CD)
    Looking For Space
    Back Home Again
    Annie's Song
    My Sweet Lady (Greatest Hits II)
    Shanghai Breezes
    Like A Sad Song
    I'm Sorry
    Seasons Of The Heart
    Dreamland Express
    Perhaps Love (solo)
    I Want To Live (Greatest Hits III)
    Sunshine On My Shoulders (Greatest Hits I)
    Rocky Mountain High
    On The Wings Of A Dream
    This Old Guitar
    Life Is So Good (single version, first time on CD)

  • "Who has the best voice?"

    Vote for JD!


  • Is Hal Blaine Dead???

    A rumor emerged recently that Hal Blaine, JD's drummer back in the 70s, is dead. The source of the rumor is probably the CD "Live at the Sydney Opera House" which was released in March, because on its liner, it is credited that the album is "Dedicated to the memories of Hal Blaine".

    Fortunately, the rumor turned out to be incorrect, for Kris O'connor and those who are in touch with Blaine testified that he is still alive and well. (May 12)

  • Telephone converstion with Mike Omansky

    RCA's Mike Omansky talked with a JD fan, over telephone, about the sales of the recent compilations, possibility of releasing more unreleased materials and more. For further details read a mail from Pat. (Thank you Pat for the information! You're great!!) (May 12)

  • "A Musical Tribute to John Denver-The Wheeler Opera House" CD available

    A double CD entitled "A Musical Tribute to John Denver-The Wheeler Opera House" is now for sale. This CD is the "live" concert that was presented last year at The Wheeler Opera House in Aspen, Colorado.

    To purchase this double CD, please send a personal or cashiers check for $27 ($25 plus $2 shipping and handling) payable to "A Musical Tribute to John Denver," PO Box 553 Clarksville, Maryland 21029. Detailed shipping charges as follows: US and Canada $2 for 1 double CD, $5 for quantities of 2-6, $8 for quantities 7-12, All other foreign countries please include the following shipping and handling: $5 for 1 double CD $10 for 2-6 double CD's, $15 for quantities of 7-12. (May 12)

  • Home Shopping Network's charity CD, "Sing America", contains "Country Roads"

    The Home Shopping Network (HSN) will present Sing America, a CD from Warner Bros. Records Inc. featuring some of the music industry's most celebrated performers to raise funds for Save America's Treasures at the National Trust for Historic Preservation. HSN will present the CD on April 18, 1999 at midnight ET, in a three-week exclusive offer. Legendary songwriters and their compositions represented on the CD, which features no less than twenty-one artists, include: "Graceland," by Paul Simon, "The Star Spangled Banner," by Cher, "God Bless America," by LeAnn Rimes, "Living in the Promiseland," by Willie Nelson, "Oh, Susannah," by James Taylor, "Blowin' in the Wind," by Bob Dylan, "The House I Live In," by Frank Sinatra, and "Take Me Home, Country Roads," by John Denver. (April 12)

  • "Colors in Time Volume II" under production

    Former JD band members, Pete Huttlinger and Chris Nole, are now recording the sequel to their acclaimed tribute album for JD, "Colors In Time", last year.

    Here is a message from Pete Huttlinger himself, as he wrote on the newsgroup a few days ago:

    Hi Folks!

    Thanks to such great response to our cd, "Colors in Time" and requests for more of the same, Chris Nole and I are about half way through "Colors in Time---Volume II."

    We have recorded more great songs like Darcy Farrow, Perhaps Love, This Old Guitar, and even and instrumental version of Thank God I'm a Country Boy. We hope to have it completed by the end of May.

    We have been very blessed by all of the letters, cards and emails telling all of the wonderful stories of what John's muisc has done for each of you. We sincerely hope that you will enjoy and recieve as much benefit from this new cd.

    All the best,

    Pete Huttlinger.

    Pete Huttlinger
    Nashville, Tn USA


    "A Musical Tribute To John Denver", a concert by John's former band members and colleagues, which was held at The Wheeler Opera House and highlighted lots of events held in Aspen, last October, will be back this year, and this time, "Three-City Tour".

    WASHINGTON D.C./Northern Virginia
    George Mason University Center for the Performing Arts
    Saturday, October 2, 1999

    The Wheeler Opera House
    Saturday, October 9 & Sunday, October 10, 1999

    Royce Hall, UCLA Campus
    Thursday, November 18, 1999

    For further information on additional concerts and special hotel rates for the above concerts please access The MUSE Foundation. (April 12)

  • John Denver's house becomes a second home
    by Tim Mutrie * Aspen Times * 4/1/99

    John Denver's former Starwood residence on Johnson Drive sold for $3.68 million last month according to local relator Carol Dopkin. Dopkin declined to identify the buyers but said a family had purchased the seven-plus acre estate.

    "They're going to keep the home and use it as a family retreat and vacation home" she said. Some local residents and far-flung John Denver fans had suggested that the residence, which went on the market July 8, 1998, be made into a museum to honor the late singer and activist who died in a plane crass off the coast of California in October 1997.

    "A 6,800 square foot, five bedroom main house and 2,200 square foot 3 bedroom guest house sit on the former Denver estate" Dopkin said. "The house is a house of intimate spaces" Dopkin said. "It's very romantic with a lot of quality to it. The master bedroom is very unusual because it has a whole wall of stained glass, a Jacuzzi for two, and a steam room. Denver's study is almost spiritual in feeling and it has a library and reading loft just off of it and then a deck with a telescope. His house isn't just a house, it's an experience" Dopkin said.

    "It has character to it and that sounds like it must have been funky, but it wasn't, it was quality. It has a lot of things that I would call timeless. It has very interesting architecture with logs of wood and lots of solar applications." Dopkin said Denver and his former wife, Annie, built the two houses in 1975. Both were remodeled in 1984, she added.

    "There's a swimming pool and beautiful grounds suitable for horses. It's just a very romantic house" Dopkin said. "The place has spectacular views" she added. "When Denver purchased the two adjoining lots in the 1970's he had his choice of almost any lot in Starwood and he chose this one" she said. Denver's presence in the subdivision attracted so many fans that the singer put up the funds for the first Starwood guardhouse. (April 12)

  • Lowell Norman's web site opened

    Lowell Norman, John's long time friend and photographer, whose photos used on many of John's albums and tour books, has opened his own web site dealing with lots of his original JD marchandizes, including posters, tribute programs, caps and T-shirts.

    Lowell Norman is also known for dezigning the famous "JD" logo on the cover of the 1979 album "John Denver". (March 24)

  • Alexander Gradsky will make a recital debut at Carnegie Hall
    from New York Daily News, March 1

    He may look like a punk rocker, but Alexander Gradsky, a Russian tenor whose voice has a range of 3 1/2 octaves, is also a singer of arias from classical operas. Known throughout the former Soviet Union as a singer, composer and poet, and named Best Voice of Russia, Gradsky, who also plays 12 musical instruments, will be making his solo recital debut Friday at Carnegie Hall.

    Although this is his first New York performance, the singer is not new to the United States or to American performers. John Denver - whom Gradsky met in Hollywood and with whom he performed in Moscow in 1984* (when they recorded Denver's "Let Us Begin") - gave the tenor his guitar. Now the man who has been dubbed in the West as the "phantom of the Russian opera" is bringing Denver's guitar to New York. "I want John Denver's guitar to play again in his homeland," said Gradsky.

    (This article is accompanied by a picture of Gradsky, long hair flowing and wearing dark glasses, playing what I assume is the guitar John gave him.)(*Actually, it was 1986 when they recorded "Let Us Begin".) (March 24)

  • "Afternoon Delight" at the Starland Cafe

    The event at the Starland Cafe, planned by Mary Ledford, was very successful with many JD fans attended, and with great performances from Side by Side, Frank DeLeMarre, Mack Bailey, Charlie Zahm and Bill Danoff. They raised close to $800 for the John Denver Music Education Fund. Ms. Ledford is hoping to make it an annual event. (March 24)

  • Revised edition: "Live At The Sydney Opera House"

    RCA/BMG will release an revised version of "Live At The Sydney Opera House" on March 23rd. This first ever U.S. release has been remastered from first generation tapes for superior sound and features three tracks that were not included in the Australian release: "Me and My Uncle", "Today" and "Calypso".

    The CD cover features John alone on stage in white shirt playing his six string guitar. In the background shimmers a beautiful skyline photograph of the Sydney Opera House taken a night. This concert was originally recorded on November 22, 1977. (February 24)

  • TNN "The Life and Times of John Denver"

    TNN will air "The Life and Times of John Denver", 8:00 PM (Eastern) on the Nashville Network, on February 23, 1999. (February 4)

  • Alexandria Tribute video available

    A video called "John Denver Remembered by the Old Cellar Door Gang" is now avalable from Videopost Productions (For info:staff@thevideopost.com). It's a video of the tribute at the Birchmere in Alexandria, VA - January 1998. It is a 2 tape set and a wonderful reminder for those who were there. It is a marvelous tape to add to your collection of memories with and for JD. (February 4)

  • Bitter photos...

    Below is a link to the photos of JD posing with the former owner of the Long EZ.

    http://www.geocities.com/RainForest/Vines/9651/johnezs.html (February 4)

  • "Rocky Mountain Memories"

    There is another JD Instrumental CD available. It is called "Rocky Mountain Memories", and is available from Avalon Music.

    The tracks include:

    Annie's Song
    Country Roads
    Jet Plane
    My Sweet Lady
    Follow Me
    Perhaps Love
    Country Boy
    (January 27)

  • John Denver crash report called flawed

    An attorney for John Denver's family on Tuesday criticized the final federal report on the plane crash that killed the pop singer and said he will ask the government to reconsider its conclusion. In a report issued Tuesday, the NTSB said the crash can be blamed on the plane's design as well as pilot error. (See NTSB's fainal report and ABC News article in reference.)

    Denver, the report said, took off with too little fuel in one tank, had trouble switching to a backup fuel tank and then inadvertently put the plane into a roll. But Bill Wimsatt, a Los Angeles lawyer who represents Denver's mother and the singer's three children, said the NTSB report is flawed. *More details, see Denver Post's article. (Januaru 27)

  • "Afternoon Delight" down at the Starland Cafe

    Mary Ledford is plannning an event called "Afternoon Delight", held at the Starland Cafe in Washington, D.C. on March 20, 1999. This will be a belated birthday celebration for John and will benefit the John Denver Music Scholarship Fund through the Denver Music Association. There will be entertainment (yet to be determined but hopefully that Bill Danoff - since it's his cafe - will participate). They can have a maximum of 60 people and the cost will probably be around $20-25 per person. E-mail ANN SCHNITZ if you would be interested as she is collecting the names.(January 15)

  • Vertual walk through JD's Aspen Home

    If you log on to: http://www.caroldopkin.com/html/rocky_mtn_high.htm you can walk through various parts of J.D.'s home for sale. (January 15)

  • The Mardy Murie Film Project is still asking for donations

    The Mardy Murie Film Project is still asking for donations as they are about $80 to $90k short for completion of the final digital editing. Since John Denver will be singing his special sweet song "A song for All Lovers" to Mardy in the film, I know many of us would love to see this inspirational event on cable networks. Donations should be mailed to:

    Mardy Murie Film Project
    c/o: Charles Craighead
    Craighead Environmental Research
    P.O. Box 113
    Moose, WY 83012

    The title of the film is "Arctic Dance: The Mardy Murie Story". Harrison Ford is providing the narration. John was given great inspiration by Mardy in her life long fight to preserve our wilderness Heritage. (January 15)

  • News prior to December, 1998

  • Please e-mail me! nisenora@ari.bekkoame.ne.jp
    "Back Home Again"