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Muller's DDB Lookup System for Mac

Why I wrote this script set

These last days, I was writing a paper in English. It was the first time I wrote a paper of this length (20-30 pages...) in English, and I could experience myself how the DDB (Charles Muller's Online Digital Dictionary of Buddhism) is useful and indispensable for quickly looking up Buddhist terms.

The new "search page" ( in this site is a very advanced search tool, using Unicode data. These is a good page describing the tips for the search (

Unfortunately, for Mac users like me, it is not easy to search terms in this dictionary, because there is, as far as I know, no input method able to output Unicode data for the MacOS (perhaps with the newer OS, it is possible, but I don't know...).

By the way, although the pages of DDB are written in Unicode, Netscape Communicator 4.7 or Internet Explorer 4.5 can display almost all the text, if your system has JLK, CLK and KLK; the long vowels can be displayed (although the shape of the glyphs is very ugly!) -- the only characters that cannot be displayed are the diacritical characters such as "s" with acute accent, "r" with a dot below, etc. (I use OS 7.6.1J).

This is why, I tried to make a scripting system that enables me to quickly looking up a term.

How it works

This system consists of the following steps:

  1. I type the term to search in my Word-processor (Nisus Writer in my case) in Shift-JIS encoding;
  2. my looking up system grabs this term, converts it to Big5 with the conversion table made by Kitahara-san for his utility Kctrans (it converts simplified kanji to the appropriate Big5 characters);
  3. it converts the Big5 string to Unicode;
  4. it converts it to a hexadecimal string;
  5. it generates the needed URL for the search, launches the web browser, and opens that URL.

The generated URL is, for example:'b89c0-4e16-97f3')
for "Kanzeon" in the simplified form of Shift-JIS characters.

The version released here; and requirements

The system that I release here uses the editor named Style as "interface" application (it has a better integration with AppleScript than Nisus Writer); it uses AppleScript and MacJPerl as scripting systems, and TEC OSAX and the table of convertion from Shift-JIS to Big5 that comes with MacKctrans made by Kitahara-san.

I use AppleScript

-to grab the term to search in Style,
-to pass it to MacJPerl for the conversion to Big5,
-to convert the result to Unicode using TEC OSAX,
-to pass the result to MacJPerl for conversion to hexadecimal string, and generating the needed URL,
-to open the URL with Netscape.
And I use MacJPerl
-to convert the term to search in Shift-JIS to Big5 using Kitahara-san's conversion table (named "JIS2BIG.TBL"),
-to generate the needed URL.

So, you will have to download (if you don't have them):


This folder contains:

  1.     MacJPerl script (text)
  2.        MacJPerl script (text)
  3. MullerDicLookUp           AppleScript script (application)
  4. JIS2BIG.TBL              Conversion table from JIS to Big5 made by KITAHARA Motohiko-san (Copyright (c) KITAHARA Motohiko, 99-06-27), who kindly allowed me to include it in this package. If you want to download the conversion program between Chinese (Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese) and Japanese written by Kitahara-san, Mac Kctrans, the URL is:   (text)
  5. ReadMe.html                  Same text as this HTML   (text)

How to install

The installation is complete.

How to use it...

I would be grateful if you could write me your comments, bug reports or suggestions for these scripts.
Thank you in advance!

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