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Make Symlink

This is a very simple AppleScript droplet which can be used as a GUI interface to make symbolic linked files.
While it is very easy to make alias files on OS X (using Finder's Make Alias menu item), making symbolic linked files is not so simple because you have to use Terminal for that. This droplet lets you create these files easily: you simply drag and drop your source file(s) or folder(s) on this droplet; a folder choosing dialog will ask you to navigate to the folder in which you want to create the symbolic linked file(s)/folder(s).

If there is already a file/folder of the same name in the destination folder, the droplet will quit with an error message; otherwise, the symbolic linked file(s)/folder(s) will be created in the destination folder.

You can use this droplet in combination with my other utility, to do different kind of searches. Please have a look at my page unix_grep on OS X.


Please download the package from this link (84K to download) .

I would appreciate any feedback, comments, bug reports or requests.

Thank you!

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