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Taisho Catalog and related scripts

Here, you will find a text file of Taisho Catalog, that is a list of all the works contained in Taisho Canon, with some scripts for Jedit X that can be useful to search in this catalog.


The Catalog itself is based on a document named "Taisho mokuroku 大正目録.TXT", uploaded on NiftyServe around 1995, by Ishii Kōsei 石井公成, and index files of cbeta "Normal" folder ( for volumes 1 to 55 and 85. But there are modifications to each of these sources.

Numbering of texts follows the numbering of the files of SAT ( The numbers followed by a "[*]" don't exist in SAT files [as of 2005-2007.07].

Encoding is UTF-8, with "gaiji" information of Mojikyo numbers (

Here is an example of how it looks like:

0001   vol:1   page:1   title_simple_kanji:長阿含経   title_trad_kanji:長阿含經   title_hiragana:じょうあごんきょう   Sk_P_equivalent   kan:22   section:阿含部上   period:後秦   transl_author_simple_kanji:仏陀耶舎, 竺仏念   transl_author_trad_kanji:佛陀耶舍, 竺佛念   transl_author_hiragana:ぶっだやしゃ, じくぶつねん   transl_author_Sk   transl_author_nature:共訳   related_texts:"2-25, 45(52)"   other_titles   comp_date   transl_date   comp_place   transl_place   biblio

Each record is separated by a linefeed (Decimal ASCII 10), and each field is separated by a tab (Decimal ASCII 09).

Each record has 22 fields:

  1. Number of the work
  2. volume
  3. page
  4. title in simplified kanji (in Japanese way)
  5. title in traditional kanji
  6. title in Hiragana
  7. Sanskrit-Pāli equivalent
  8. kan (juan) number
  9. section in the Taisho sections
  10. period (of translation or composition)
  11. translator or author in simplified kanji
  12. translator or author in traditional kanji
  13. translator or author's name in Hiragana
  14. translator or author's name in Sanskrit
  15. translation or authorship nature (共訳, etc.)
  16. related texts
  17. alternative titles
  18. composition data
  19. translation date
  20. composition place
  21. translation place
  22. bibliographical data (of works related to the work)

Of course, only very few of these fields contain already data; and data already there may contain errors. Nevertheless, I think this is better than nothing.

Clicking this link, you can display this catalog online (you will have to choose "UTF-8" as encoding); clicking the same link with Right mouse button (or Control + clicking it), you can download it.

You can put this Catalog file at any place you would like. Please open it with an editor which can read UTF-8 text files.

Ideally, such a catalog should be edited and completed by a colloborative effort. This is only a beginning.

Scripts for Jedit X

You will find scripts that will add four sub-menu items to your Jedit X macro menu, along with an, an AppleScript applet which will install all the scripts and the Catalog file at appropriate places.

Contents of the package

The file you will download from the link at the bottom of this page will contain the following files:

The structure of this package must NOT be changed.

To Install...:

If you don't have Jedit X, you will have to download it from, and run it at least once (Jedit X is a very powerful editor, a shareware of 2800 yens; a demo version is available, and will run without restriction during one month).

Before you double-click on the icon of, you have to quite Jedit X.

You will double-click on the icon of it will

  1. Create a folder named bin in your home directory if it does not exist;
  2. Put in your bin directory the following files:
    • SAT    a folder
      • data    a folder
        • taisho_catalog.txt
      •    a Perl script
      •    a Perl script
  3. Create a folder named scripts in your /Users/[your_account]/Library/Application Support/Jedit X/ if it does not exist
  4. Put in the folder /Users/[your_account]/Library/Application Support/Jedit X/scripts/ the following AppleScript scripts:
    • get_taisho_info_from_num.scpt    an AppleScript script
    • get_num_from_data.scpt    an AppleScript script
    • get_num_from_field_data.scpt    an AppleScript script
    • open_catalog.scpt    an AppleScript script

  5. Add macro menu data to your /Users/[your_account]/Library/Application Support/Jedit X/MacroMenu.plist

  6. Finally, the will generate a log file on your Desktop, and will open it with, displaying what it has done.

How to Use...:

When you have run the, your Jedit X will have four more sub-menu items in the Macro menu:


Please download from Taisho Catalog script package from this link (527K to download).

Thank you in advance for any feedback, bug report, etc.

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