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Two Utilities for Jedit X for use with the SAT Database

version 0.71, 09-02-18

I wrote three little utility scripts for Jedit X, a powerful editor for Mac OS X, which can be used to work with the SAT database, the Taisho Canon database created by The SAT Daizōkyō Text Database Committee.

1. search_word_in_85_vols is to search a word in all the 85 volumes of the Taisho Canon: you select a word in a window in Jedit X, and select this menu-item in Jedit X's macro menu: it will open a new window in your web browser, and the result of the search will be displayed.

2. display_Taisho_ref is to display in your web browser a text referred to by a reference that you select in a window in Jedit X. The references must be of one of the following formats:
T. 1509
T. 25 1509
T. 25 1509 156a
T. 25 1509 156a15

or, with a "-" followed by the ending reference:
T. 1509.156a2-b19

The version 0.7.1 (09-02-18) allows Roman numerals for volume number. Thus, you can have, for example:

3. insert_SAT_link_tag_to_Taisho_ref: Select a Taisho reference (of the formats indicated for 2, and run this menu-item: the reference will be enclosed in the SAT link tag, like this:
T. XXV 1509 viii 116a5-11 will be:
<a href=",25,0116a05:1509_,25,0116a11.html">T. XXV 1509 viii 116a5-11</a>

The package contains:

How to Install...

First, download Jedit X if you don't have it (it is a shareware of $ 28, but you can use a demo version for one month -- and it is certainly worth its price), and run it at least once.

Then, please quit Jedit X if it is running. Now...

You will only have to double click on the installer applet named When the installation is complete, TextEdit will automatically open the installer log file, showing what was installed where.


Please click on this link (87K to download) to download the script folder as a disk image.

I would appreciate any bug report, suggestions, feedback. Thank you in advance.

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