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Note macros for Nisus Writer Express v. 2.0.x, Nisus Writer Pro 1.0 and Note macros for Classic Nisus Writer

Here are two note macros for Nisus Writer Express version 2.0.x, and Nisus Writer Pro 1.0. One will convert notes in the main text enclosed between the tags "<fn>" and "</fn>" to real footnotes, and the tags "<en>" and "</en>" to real endnotes [It seems that Nisus Writer Express version 2.5x has changed the default style sheet, so that the macro that I used to upload here generated many errors. This is now fixed with the current release [as of October 2005]]. The other will do the reverse, i.e. convert footnotes or endnotes to notes in the main text enclosed between the tags "<fn>" and "</fn>", or "<en>" and "</en>". With the Toggle Footnotes/Endnotes macro for Nisus Writer Express v.2.0.x, you can move notes at any place you want.

Nisus Writer Express 2.0.x had a bug, so that it was impossible to use the macro keyword "#text as rtf"; in Nisus Writer Express 2.6, this bug is fixed, but a new bug is introduced, so that now it is impossible to use the keyword "$ARGV[1]" to get the front file path. This is why the macros that you could download from this page don't work with NWE 2.6...!

I upload here a version of my macros which will work with NWE 2.6. I think this version is probably better, since the result will be in a new, non-saved document... [2006/03/17]

I had to fix this new set of macros again -- they had some bugs. Now, the macro "" writes a new file in /tmp directory. It requires also OS 10.4. [2006-03-22]

I found other cases in which my macro "" doesn't work, and I tweaked my code to meet these cases. On the other hand, there are cases in which my macro "" generates a document where the note reference numbers are not in superscript style. I added a macro to fix this problem. -- Anyway, the document must have a character style named "footnote reference", with the superscript style. If your document doesn't have it, you will have to create one. [2006-03-24]

Nisus Writer Express 2.7 (as of now [2006-05-20], Nisus Writer Express has fixed various bugs in macro handling; and I corrected my codes also. So the version for NWE 2.7 should work better. [2006-05-20]

I fixed a bug in the macro "" that has been reported by a user: when "}" is followed immediately by "<fn>" or "</fn>", the footnote was not processed properly. Now, this problem is (hopefully) fixed (thanks to Jonathan Dueck!). [2006-06-15]

I added a package for Nisus Writer Pro 1.0. They are not yet well tested so please use them with caution, and report me back bugs. -- By the way, you will find at Kino's macros having the same functionalities (but Kino says that due to some bugs in NWP macro implementation, they are very slow, and he would not recommend to use them...). [2007-07-17]

For possible trouble-shooting:
I had some trouble using and could find the reason: if you define a marker, or a color, or a language, etc. -- i.e. some "style" attribute in a tag "<fn>" or "</fn>", or "<en>" or "</en>", the rtf code will be messed up (for example, if you define the language "Japanese" just after "<" and before "en>", the rtf code will be
<\lang1041 en>
) and the Perl will be unable to find the tags. -- This may be very difficult to find the culprit attribute inserted. But if there is something, the Perl script stops there, so that you might look at the next tag. to find the culprit attribute. [07-07-20]

I changed the codes of macros for NWP 1.0. They are now named "" and """. They should work even if the Note Reference Style is set to None in the Style editing window; and hopefully, they should take account of the "Default Note Text" defined in the same window.
The output will be written in a file in /tmp directory. You should Save it As a new file in another directory to use it later.

Put the three Perl scripts, "" (or "") and "" (or ""), and (if you are using v. 2.6x) "" in the folder /Users/[your_account]/Library/Application Support/Nisus Writer/Macros/. You will have access to menu-items "note_in_text2fnote" and "fnote2note_in_text" in NWE's Macro menu.

I join to these macros for Nisus Writer Express v. 2.0.x, 2.6.x and 2.7x a macro file for Classic Nisus Writer. It contains a collection of note macros which can be used with Classic Nisus Writer. This is a newer version of a similar macro file that I presented in the page Migrating from Classic Nisus Writer to OS X NW-Express (see also the page multiformat_nisus from where you can download an older version of the same macro package). You will find a short ReadMe in the macro file itself, and at the beginning of each macro, a short description of how it works.

Please download the two note macros for NWE 2.0.x from here (2K to download).
Please download the three note macros for NWE 2.6.x from here (4K to download).
Please download the three note macros for NWE 2.7.x from here (4K to download).

Please download the three note macros for NWP 1.0 from here (4K to download).

And please download note macros for Classic Nisus Writer from here (8K to download).

I would appreciate any feedback, bug reports, suggestions.
Thank you in advance!

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