X'mas present from Harmonica World

Last Update: 16 Dec. 1996
If you are Apple Macintosh user, you can get the X'mas card stack of HyperCard featuring harmonica play of Bach music on this page. (Sorry for users of other machines)
You can enjoy the stack X'mas with Bach '96 if you are a Macintosh user and HyperCard 2.0 or later is installed in your machine (HyperCard Player is also available, I think). Please make the application memory size of HyperCard large (about 2500K or above). Please enjoy them!

X'mas with Bach '96

2 types - segmented files and all-in-one file.
StuffIt expanding application and BinHex4 decode application are necessary to use these files. (StuffIt Expander does both.)

Masaaki Shigehara / PFD00763@niftyserve.or.jp