Yoshio, Morimoto

Last Update: 4 Oct. 1995

Born in 1923 at Kanda, Tokyo. He plays various kinds of music by his doublereed diatonic and chromatic harmonicas. -classics, modern musics, pops, tango and other world folk musics, lyrical songs and even child songs. I do not know other player who plays various kinds of music vividly and with much pleasure like him.

He acts as a solo player of double-reed and chromatic, and he also plays as a chromatic player of his trio "The Blue Harmonicats". He is a winner of the 3rd World Harmonica Championships in 1991, and The Blue Harmonicats had the 2nd prize of upper category on 4th World Harmonica Tape Concour (Trossingen, Germany) in 1971.
He had released 3 CD titles of his double-reed solo play without accompaniment. He says he wants to keep making this CD series as his life work.

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