Koichi, Matsuda

Last Update: 31 May 1998

Pioneer of 10-holes player in Japan. Sometimes called "ARI".
Born in Osaka on Apr. 1947. He came to Tokyo in 1972, and soon he played a 10-holes harp in his band "Last Show", played at the back of Mr. Shigeru Izumiya, one of the pioneer of Japanese rock music, during his 2 years tour. In Izumiya's album "Ohgon-kyo Jidai" and "Live Izumiya", you can get Mr. Matsuda's harp sounds.

After 1974, the end of Last Show, Mr. Matsuda joined many Japanese singer song writer's concert tour, and continues his work as a harp player. till now.

For his recent information, this page may help you.

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