Akio, Machida

Last Update: 17 June 1995

Chromatic and doublereed diatonic player. He is known by his play with multiple recorded tape.
He records one part of some note to the music recording tape first. Then, he plays with another part of the note synchronized to the recorded tape, and he records it, mixed with the old tape, to another tape. He repeats it and finally he finishes to make the tape and plays the main part at the stage with his own accompaniment tape multiple-recorded. This method is good to enjoy an ensemble play if you have no harmonica player able to play together with you, and you can use 2 tape recorders.

You can enjoy his play by the telephone service by NTT. From Japan, please dial to 0299-83-4929, or 0285-24-8000 (notes of them are different) . Each numbers change their serving notes monthly.

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