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Last Update: 27 Nov. 2004

caution: Each product names and brand names included in this page is generally a registed trade mark or trade mark of its manufacturer or seller etc.

Expanding harmonica web!


Cyber Harp World
As far as I know, it is the first-established harmonica WWW page. It contains HarmoniGopher (the database about harmonica informations), the log lists of Harp-L(a mailing list for harmonica lovers), and many other informations, sounds and pictures, mainly from United States and Europe.
Lee Oskar Enterprises Inc.
Lee Oskar is the famous harmonica brand made by Tombo Musical Instrument Company. The page includes many harmonica pictures of Lee Oskar brand.
Tombo Musical Instrument New
Official site of Tombo Musical Instrument Company in English. The page includes harmonica catalogues of Tombo (tremolo, chromatic, 10holes, ensemble etc.) and international distributors list.
(for Lee Oskar brand, go to Lee Oskar Enterprises Inc. site.)
Hohner (USA) homepage
Hohner is the most famous harmonica manufacturer. The page includes pictures of Hohner harmonicas and the history of harmonica.
Suzuki Music homepage (in Japanese)
Suzuki Music is one of major harmonica (not motorbike (hi)) manufacturers in Japan, familiar with Pro Master etc.
Huang Harmonica
Cham-ber Huang is a Chinese harmonica player and his name is also a name of harmonica brand. The page is an official page of Huang harmonicas.
AJHF, All Japan Harmonica Federation is Japanese harmonica-players' organization.
SPAH, The Society for the Preservation and Advancement of the Harmonica is an international non-profit organization incorporated in Michigan, U.S.A.
Web site of harmonica association of France. You can access to both French and English pages from one front page.
Hong Kong Harmonica Association
Web site of harmonica association of Hong Kong. It includes the page of Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival APHF 2004 in both English and (perhaps) Chinese.
Total chromatic site of Shoji Sanada, a chromatic player in Japan
The Classical Free-Reed Inc.
Total site of free reed instruments (Harmonica, Accordion etc.).
The Bluesharp Page by Mr. John Fuhrmann
Total information of bluesharp-type harmonica. You can enjoy Virtual Bluesharp Museum, Bluesharp Legends etc.
Jack's Harmonica Page
Also total information of bluesharp-type harmonica. You can find hall-number chart of many songs etc.


Harmonicas and harmonica music from The Best Li'l Harp House - Harmonica Company(ex. Kevin's Harps)
Harmonica (Hohner, Lee Oskar, Huang, Suzuki), microphone and its instruction books etc.
Ishibashi Music
Homepage of Ishibashi Music Shop, who has many musical instrument shops in Japan.
They have said they will accept orders (instruments, parts, microphones, instruction books and videos etc.) from outside Japan. The mailing address is ishi@ishibashi.co.jp.
Joe's Virtual Music Shop
Instruments and others.
A catalogue of reed instruments
Many reed instruments, including harmonicas a little.


Austrian Harmonica School
Web site of Austrian Harmonica School.
The Harmonica Educator Newsletter
You can know about the worldwide harmonica newsletter.


Harmonica Recording List by Herng-Jeng Jou
Harmonica CD Lists
Homepage of Mr. Art Daane
You can download Mr. Daane's harmonica music library file there.


King Biscuit Time page
King Biscuit Time is a radio program broadcasted in USA in old days. This page serves many plays and profiles of famous blues harp players, such as Sonny Boy Williamson II, played in "King Biscuit Time".
King's Harmonica Quintet page
King's Harmonica Quintet is a harmonica quintet in Hong Kong. They play mainly classics, from Haydn to contemporary composers.
In this page, you can get their profiles, sounds, pictures etc. Especially their repertoire list is a good guide for harmonica players trying classics, I think.
Sonny Boy Blues Society URL Changed
Charlie McCoy Online
Jean Jacques Milteau Homepage
Toots and Harmonica
Unofficial site of Toots Thielemans, a chromatic player, made by his fan
King's College Harmonica Band
Mitt Gamon's Home Page
Richard Hunter's Home Page
It also has many links to other players.
Patrick Hazell's Home Page
Includes his schedule etc.
William Tang's Home Page
Hongkong harmonica player with 2 albums out.
Rob's Home Page
Harmonica Fiddle Tunes
Austrarian diatonic(10-holes) harminica player Tony Eyers' Home Page. He is playing traditional fiddle tunes on specially tuned 10-holes harmonica.


Torkel's chromatic harmonica page
Vivid Sound's Home Page

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