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Harmonica Keys of songs

Last Update: 26 May. 1996

Those Sunny Days (Harmonica Biyori) (by Lee Oskar)

All are (of cource) by Lee Oskar Model (10-holes)
Those Sunny Days
F# Melody Maker
Georgia On My Mind
Db Melody Maker and Bbm Natural Minor
In A Sentimental Mood
F Melody Maker and Dm Natural Minor
Here, There And Everywhere
F Melody Maker and Fm Natural Minor
Peg O' My Heart
F# Melody Maker and G Melody Maker
When I Fall in Love
Eb Melody Maker and Cm Natural Minor
When you Wish Upon A Star
Bb Melody Maker and Gm Natural Minor
Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Eb Melody Maker and Cm Natural Minor
Coming Home, Baby
Em Melody Maker
Played in 3rd position.
Note: Lee Oskar Melody Maker Harmonicas are currently manufactured only in the keys A, C, D, E and G. All other keys were custom-tuned.

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