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WHF '95 report

Last Update: 10 Oct. 1995

Festival starts on Oct.10, but some events start before the day. In Oct.7 and 8, at almost the same place WHF'95 will be held, Yokohama Jazz festival is held. The stage on 1st floor (be careful, 1st floor is 2 stairs downward from the entrance relating to the station!) of the shopping mall 'the Landmark Plaza', a guitar player played some songs. maybe the place will be a demonstration place of many harmonica professionals from Oct.10 to 13.
I have found the shop of WHF'95 on the same floor, at the place rather near to PACIFICO. T-Shirts, CDs (WHF'95 memorial?), and some goods are sold there. The programs are also sold. In it the contest competitors are listed up. Through the categories, 'tremolo senior' category is seemed to have greatest number of competitors.
On the train to home, I was wondering about the festival days...

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