Picture of Tremolo Harmonica
Questionnaires (2001.05-)

Last Update: 5 May 2001

Have you ever thought to want to know about (other) harmonica players and/or listeners? What kinds of instruments do they use? How do they practice harmonicas? What song did they play first?
Please answer these questionnaires. I will (perhaps bimonthly) sum up your answers and show you the result (numbers only) on this site.

The questonnaire of this time is about points you want to study about harmonica. Both harmonica players and non-players can vote to the questions.
You may not be able to send your answer if you use some brouser not accepting mailto tag. Please use brousers accepting mailto tag.

Many thanks for answers ! You can see the results.

Masaaki Shigehara / PFD00763@nifty.ne.jp