Asia-Pacific Harmonica Festival 2000 Pictures (4)

Last Update: 17 June 2001
Photo album of Asia-Pacific Harmonica Festival 2000 in Seoul.
Please enjoy photos.


Market (1)

Tongdaemun Sijang, the world top class market in Seoul.

Market (2)

These fashion buildings are on the other side of the place in picture (1).

Soccer Studium

Tongdaemun studium in Seoul. Japan and Korea will hold 2002 World Cup Soccer together. On many cities in Korea, new soccer studiums are under construction.

Korean Food

Korean foods are sometimes hot, but taste good. The one in the picture is the bibim-bap, boiled rice toasted with other foods in stone bowl.

Nam June Pike

On Samsung Building, the exhibition of Nam June Pike is held. In the picture, you can also see the signboard of Japanese movie.

Face Mark

Part of the signboard in Seoul. Korean facemarks are of wide version, as same as Japanese ones.

Yongsan Electric Market

Electric Market in Seoul. Many personal computer shops, bulb shops etc.

Masaaki Shigehara /