Suggestions to Assemble LSE-01

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A: Seal and fix between a cylinder cover (No.1) and a cylinder (No.6) with a silicone gulue.

B: Fix between a piston holder (No.5) and a piston (No.7,8) with a quick drying glue.

C: Fix a connecting rod (No.13) to a piston holder (No.5) with a bolt (No.24) and a nut (No.26) to move light.

D: Cut a top of a bolt (No.23).

E: Fix the bolts (No.23) to a flywheel (No.3) and a crank disk (No.4) using double nut type.

F: Fix bolts (No.22) to a base (No.11) with double nut type.

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Koichi Hirata