Let's Build a Can Stirling Engine

Step 1 - Material Preparation and Structure

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To make the Can Stirling engine you require these materials: wood board 10mm thick; balsa wood 10mm thick; wire 1.5mm diameter; fishing thread; a balloon; square lumber 5mm square; two thumbtacks; a paper clip; clay; a 200ml steel can; cardboard; a candle; nails (or wood screws); and rubber bands.
These tools are required: cutting pliers; scissors: a saw: wood glue: some quick-drying glue: and machine oil.
This engine has a very simple structure as illustrated. It makes use of wood frames, a wire crank shaft, a can cylinder, a rubber balloon diaphragm. You can get these materials easily. The wood piston is connected to the crankshaft with fishing thread.

View of a Can Stirling Engine

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Koichi Hirata