Building of Model Stirling Engine


It is wonderful to build one machine. When this seminar had started, several students who had not been interested in the building of the engine. But, all students devoted themselves to assemble the engine till far into the night on the final stage of the seminar. Then they were very glad to succeed to operate the engine. It is one of the effective results that they have known the pleasure of manufacturing.
What kind of subjects have the students learned? Of course, they have learned how to handle the machine tools. On the other side, when I read their reports, I seemed that they have learned the environmental problem, the thermodynamics and the design engineering.
I had a hard time for this seminar, because I had to keep safety of the students. But I sure that this seminar had the many effective results for the student who will be an engineer in near future. I hope to hold 'Building of Model Stirling Engine' seminar again, though we cannot continue 'Building of Model Stirling Engine' with regret.

Feburuary 10, 1998

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