Performance of Solar Stirling engine


Engine performance (An example)
This is a first engine which produced as Solar Stirling Engine in our laboratory , study of it is beginning just now. On experiments up to now, we got maximum shaft power 6W with heated by electric valves. When the engine ran with actual solar heat in winter, we couldn't get the shaft power.
With a current design, by heat loss depending on a heat radiation/transfer and an element arrangement of positions, we think that big improvement in output can't hope it. From now on, whether we drastically improve this engine or design it newly, with a view to increasing the power.

An experimental conditions
Experiment on mean pressureExperiment on number of matrix
Incident heat input1 kW1 kW
Mean pressure97-103 kPa100 kPa
Number of matrix10 sheets10-60 sheets

The outline of experiments
At our laboratory, in order to experiments with no to have a result controlled by time and weather, we consider bulbs of total 1 kW as heat source.

Structure of Solar Stirling Engine

Low temperature difference solar Stirling engine

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