Constraction of Solar Stirling Engine


Constraction of the engine
This engine is a gamma-type Stirling Engine. It's solar receiver made by brass coated by zirconium on surface, and we use it as heater glued Aluminum-fin on under side. Bore and stroke of power piston are 200mm and 80mm. Displacer made by formed uletan and use sponge tape glued Teflon sheet Power piston is driven by Scotch-yoke mechanism and displacer. We equipped pressure control valve under the engine, thus we can control average pressure of engine.

Main specification
RecieverFlat-plate solar collector
RegeneratorLaminated brass wire cloth
CoolerShell and tube (water coolingj
Piston ringOne way piston ring
Crank mechanismScotch yoke

Structure of the solar receiver
A right photo is the receiver that was heated with electric bulbs in an experiment. The solar receiver of this engine made by brass with zirconium coating on surface. Simultaneously, we use it as heater with glued aluminum fin on the back side of it.

Performance of Solar Stirling Engine

Low temperature difference solar Stirling engine

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