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  1. A mutter is a mind
  2. Tsubuyaki Shirou
  3. Terrorism(1997/11/18)
  4. Coral reef and global warming(1997/12/3)
  5. Dangerous big heart(1997/12/20)
  6. Clone baby(1998/01/11)
  7. Blossom of fight(1998/07/26)

A mutter is a mind
Another report says, the inside of a mind may be a society made up of small minds. And it may be always full of unreasonableness and contradiction. So, a lot of mutters complains about discontent, dissatisfaction and slander, but it says thanks in rare cases. Anyway, it is hid the true which cannot be talked loudly , there.
The mind always intends to evaluate something, which is right or wrong, good or evil, black or white, etc. But any absolute measure never exist there. And the small minds which lose the inside battle may sometimes overflow as "mutters." So, if you keep on ignoring them, it might become very serious thing some day.
First of all, I'll list up the mutters. We can find out something.
Good things, bad things and the others...

Tsubuyaki Shirou
Tsubuyaki Shirou became one of a well-known person in Japan. He is a comedian of talk show which sales "Tsubuyaki"(means a mutter) literally. His mutters is fan with commical and humor taste.
The most of subject matters are usual discontent and dissatisfaction. They are small things which everybody knows, but never exprain as even a mutter. The simple constitution, which is just arranged them, is very good.
Thinking now, we have to live with what a lot of small complaints every day. Well, it may be an evidence of peace. Um, it must be better.
Please, keep comedy talk with human kindness.

Terrorism happened in Egypt yesterday. They aimed at forein visitors. When I hear the news such as this,I always think thorough. Why must human beings injure each other? Somehow the reason, it must be surely a tragedy. There is no help. It leaves just sadness, anger and hatred. And it must be the beginning of a new tragedy. We have to understand and know more bout the shadows behind the background. It never be allowed. But just exclusion will be not the solution of them.

Coral reef and global warming(1997/12/3)
COP-3(the third conference of parties) is held in Kyoto. It is the conference to decrease CO2(carbon dioxide) gas. CO2 is transparent for sunbeam and doesn't release heat of ground to space. As the result, it raises up average temperature due to the greenhouse effect. They say that it reaches at 500c because of the greenhouse effect on the Venus which is a brother of the Earth. Any life never can live.
The Earth of the begining had much CO2 gas as like the Venus. But now the gas is less. Coral contributes this in real. Coral's bone make of CaCO3(calciun carbonate). It is, of course, solid, so it can compress much CO2 gas in air. Now the climate of global is suitable because of that coral fixed CO2 gas of the air in the sea of the begining. We have to think a little what it means to discharge much CO2 gas and destroy coral reefs.
We must not forget that it is very hard to loose what always exists.

Dangerous big heart(1997/12/20)
It is the season of year-end party in these days. I have many opportunities to hear various things. I heard one of fearful thing in them.
The heart of who does hard sports is bigger. Because, the muscle of the heart is also trained together. As the result, the power of the heart is stronger to be able to bear up against hard sports. At a glance, it is just healthy and seems no problem anything. But, it's not true in fact.
If your heart is stronger, the volume of blood per one beat increases. So, the beat is less in your rest time. The motion of your heart is very slow in your sleeping time above all. And it may stop one day at last. This thing is one of cause for a person healthy to die suddenly.
Such a person must not stop the sport suddenly. When he/she will stop it due to many years old, he/she should gradually decrease the volume of exercise.
Too healthy also may be not too healthy.

Clone baby(1998/01/11)
A doctor tends to make clone babies in America. It is for the parson who cannot have a baby. A clone baby has 100% same genes with the parent. What dose it mean? I try to think about this a little.
Many beings, animals and plants, do sexualreproduction. The genes are always mixed through this. To mix genes has danger in some degree. They, however, rest thier descendants in this way. Why is this? In real, this is for the defence method against germs or virus. A kind of virus is verry evolutive and creates new and strong types. To never be killed by them, species oppose them to create genic variations.
The human body is made up of differentiated cells from one fertile egg. It means we are clones in the cell level. But, it is just for one generation. How do that if this crosses the generation? Won't thier descendants, which have same genes, become unhappy one day suddenly?
Any human beings are incomplete equally. So, we find a hope in the next generation. The "parent", which cannot have the child, exists. On the other hand, the "child", which cannot have the parent, exists too. I believe only true love is a light of hope rather than the clone technology.

Blossom of fight(1998/07/26)
I'll write after a long time.
The summer is hot. Everybody is irritable with hot blood. So I'll write about a fight. It was last Thursday. I had to go home with final train, because I prepared for my bussiness trip of the next day. The train turned back. But, the man of a drunk was falling asleep. He looks like about 50 years old. The conductor of the train call him, but he didn't wake up. After a while, the train departed. The other man ride on the train after a few next stop. He was maybe about 35 years old. He might be a drunk too. He began to let the sleeping man get up. I didn't know the reason, so empty sheet existed. I thought the two men might know each other. But, the sleeping lion had waken up after a few minute. He was already very angly. He shouted, "don't be silly as a drunk!", and assaulted.
The fight on the train had started like this. When the door was opened at the next stop, the two men went out the train. There was a station employee, but he pushed them into the train again. I don't know the reason. They were excited more and more. The 50 years old man got wounded in his mouth and shed a little blood. No one won't stop them, because everybody might be so tired on the final train. So I held back them to stop the fight. They drew on their ties each other for a while. 5 or 6 station employees entered the train, and brought out two. So the final round was the end. Maybe they would be taken to police. "Hold a court!", one of them said. But I think they must feel very shame the next day.
Anyway I'm lucky so that Japan isn't first a gun society.(but a little...)
It may be the proof of the peace to bloom the blossom of fight.

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