About 4DRubikCube
3DRubikCube is made up of 3x3x3=27 cubes. This 4DRubkCube is made up of 2x2x2x2=16 hypercubes. Hypercube(4D8Polytope) is made up of 8 3D cubes. By the way there are 6 Polytopes in 4 dimension, that is 5,8,16,24,120 and 600 Polytopes.There are 8 outer surfaces in this 4DRubikCube. Other 8 surces are hidden to inner direction, that is +-x,+-y,+-z,+-w(2+2+2+2=8). 3DRubikCubes has 6 surfaces, +-x,+-y,+-z. Surfaces of 4DRubikCubes is not plane, but is 3Dobject, in this case 2x2x2 cubes. So total outer surfaces of 4DRubikCube is made up of 8x(2x2x2cube)=64 cubes. There are 3 rotation axis in 3D ,that is x,y,z. There are 6 axis in 4D,xy,yz,zx,wx,wy,wz. Rotation axis of 4D is not line , but is plane.Object rotate around plane in 4D space. In this 4DRubikCube there are 6x2x2=24 choices of rotation axis.

How to Play
There are 2 choice to rotate. By button or direct drag on the window.
(1)Select rotation axis, Select + or -, and push button(rotate90 or rotate-90).
(2)Or click on SliceViewWindow and drag to the direction that you want to rotate cube.
If you want to reset , push reset button.
If you cannot solve, push answer button.