This applet is simulation of  raindrop on the  image.
I checked this how it works on the net, and I found that it is too slow to start.
One reason is that "Bekkoame" server is too slow to response.
Another reason is that I used too large lookup table to make calculation fast .
I am afraid that user may think their machine freezed.
So if you want to observe this applet , please download my class file and run it locally.
Location of this applet's class files is


Download following files.


HTML file is  following.

< applet codebase="ClassFileFolderName" code="RainImage.class"  width=200 height=200 >
< param  name=CELLSIZE value="2" >
< param  name=INTERVAL value="50" >
< param  name=RATIO value="100" >
< param  name=DECL value="98" >
< param  name=IMAGE value="Your Image File Name(jpg or gif)" >
< /applet >
INTERVAL is interval time of raindrop.
RATIO is amplitude of wave.
DECL is deceleration rate of wave amplitude,(*0.01), must be smaller than 100.