mnU@Crown Prince Umayado
Extending the Silk Road eastwords, there is Japan.
It is generally said that the Chiristianity is introduced by Fraicis Xavier,a member of Jesuits in 1549.
However,the influence of Chrisitianity and jewish customs had already been identified far before the time of Xaviel's coming.

Hata Clan which had immigrated in multitude in the era of Emperpor Oujin had been scattered since their immigration,but they were gathered and led under Hata Kawakatu,the head of the clan.
Hata Kawakatu founded Kouryuji Temple at Uzumasa,Kyoto in 603 and became the most influential brain of Crown Prince Shoutoku.the regent of Emperess Suiko.
Crown Prince Shoutoku has another name:Umayado that means "a prince born in a stable". The situation of the birth of Shoutoku remind us of the one of Jesus Christ.
Crown Prince Soutoku is a founder of the Houryuji Temple which is the oldest wooden building in the world and it was designated as a "Heritage of the World".
He is generally thought to be a founder of the Buddhism in Japan but checking his achievements in details, one can find unexpectedly in him a valid influence of Chrisitianity.
Crown Prince Shoutoku established Shitennouji Temple in Osaka.
The four welfare facilities called Sikain attached to the temple.
They were Keidenin(for religion,music),Seyakuin(free pharmacy,)Ryoubouin(free hospital),Hidenin(orphan).
The welfare activities begun by Crown Prince Shoutoku was to be succeeded by Empress Koumyou,a wife of Emperor Shoumu.
These activities were not carried out among the Buddhists and done only among Christians living along the Silk Road.
After the death of Crown Prince Shoutoku,his wife deplored his death and had her servants embroidered "Tenjyukokusuutyou",and the composition of the embroidery is the same as the Heaven in Christianity,and clearly different from the composition of the Buddhism.
The person who created "Tenjyukokusyutyou" was Hata Kuma.
The image of the Crown Prince Sjoutoku was established as a founder of Buddhism and has been preserved in the later generations but the influence of Christianity could not be erased in him.