78 North, Svalbard

Travelogue to Svalbard (Spitsbergen)

[Map of Svalbard] Svalbard is a high Arctic archipelago and situated midway between the mainland Norway and the North Pole.

Longyearbyen (78.12 N, 15.40 E)

[Fjord view of Longyearbyen]
Longyearbyen, a Norwegian mining settlement, is the administrative centre of Svalbard.
Norway rejects proposed space research satellite of China, says it has 'other' potiontial uses.

Barentsburg (78.04 N, 14.15 E)

[Looking up Barentsburg from the port]
I visited Barentsburg where is a Russian mining settlement by a boat-trip.
Atmospheres in the period of Soviet Union remained in the whole settlement.

Useful informations

The Svalbard Poppy is one of the largest of Svalbard's flowering plants.

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