Timetable of Jimbochou (Hanzoumon-Line, Tokyo)

Train numbers are also displayed not only in service but out of service in the parentheses. You will be able to deduce the use of the trains from the train number. Almost all of the trains in Hanzoumon-line run through Tokyu-line (Shin-Tamagawa line and Den'en-Toshi line).

There are some Japanese fonts in the following pages

Corrected on April 26, 1996

A line = for Suitenguu-Mae

B line = for Shibuya and Tokyu line

Weekday, A line

Weekday, B line

Saturday, A line

Saturday, B line

Holiday, A line

Holiday, B line

Usage of Car (There are some Japanese fonts in the page _o_)

Train Numbers (shown in the parentheses in the time table)

          01T - 41T Tokyu car
          60S - 75S Eidan car
          80S - 82S Eidan car without service and not daily

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Jimbochou is a well known town as there are many shops about old (and new) books.

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