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Chena Hot Springs has only 55 cabins (except camping space) and could not satisfy many demands to stay at the lodge. If you cannot reserve the lodge at Chena, there is a day trip tour from Faibanks to Chena Hot Springs by bus.
Dept. from Fairbanks :1400
Dept. from Chana : 0200
$130 / person -

Where should you watch northern light?

Aurora viewing is subject to clear weather & auroral activity. [Map of Chena Hot Springs Resort](The large map has a size of 24kbytes)
The staying lodges are located at the bottom of valley made by the northern and southern mountains. The initial stage of (small) the northern light usually can be seen in the north sky.
Therefore, you will be able to observe a relatively large scale of northern lights from the runway or the jagzy at the same level of the staying lodges but may miss a small northern light or cannot watch a far one from the staying lodges. From this view point, higher point is convenient to watch a northern light than the bottom of the valley.
I recommend you to go to the wooden cabin for aurora viewing, an open space on the way of the hiking course, or the top of a mountain.

[Cabin](15kbytes) You can reach the wooden cabin within five minutes from the staying lodge, and it is available anytime. Heating is complete at the lodge and a rather wide angle of view can be expected.

[Signboard of 'ski at your own risk'] (28kbytes) There is a desirable open square on the way of the hiking course. (There is a signboard at the west of the square " Ski at Your Own Risk ".)

One of the best choice is considered to join the Snow Monkey Tour, which lead you to the top of the mountain by a snowmobile. Full range of vision is desirable to watch the northern light.

Leaflet of Snow Monkey Tours

Snow Cat Ride
Aurora Trip
My participation to the tour in Japanese.

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