Hideyuki Chiba, Ph.D


Research Associate, Department of Entomology, B. P. Bishop Museum, Honolulu, Hawaii

Research Interests

Selected Publications

Chiba, H. Vicariance pattern and systematics of skippers. Nature and Insects 36(4): 8-11 (in Japanese).

Chiba, H. To describe, or not to describe. That is the question. Nature and Insects 35(10): 35-38 (in Japanese).

Chiba, H. Skippers, convergence and structuralism (with Description of a new species of Halpe from the Philippines). Insects and Nature 34(7): 31-35 (in Japanese).

Chiba, H. Current trend in butterfly systematics. Insects and Nature 34(4): 2-7 (in Japanese).

Tsukiyama, H., H. Chiba and T.Fujioka. Vol. 1 Hesperiidae.
in Fujioka, T. (ed) BUTTERFLIES OF JAPAN AND THEIR REATIVES IN THE WORLD. Shuppan Geijutsu Sha. 304pp. + 200pp. + 162 plates.

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Chiba, H. Wing pattern of butterflies: evolution or emergence? Insects and Nature 31(1):9-13 (in Japanese).

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Chiba, H. Description of the hitherto unknown female of Acerbas suttoni Russell (Hesperiidae). J. Res. Lepid. 27:260-261.

Chiba, H. and H. Tsukiyama. Revisional notes on the genus Satarupa Moore (Lepidoptera: Hesperiidae). I. New synonyms of Satarupa monbeigi Oberthur. J. Res. Lepid. 27:138-139.

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Chiba, H. Leon Croizat and panbiogeography. Kagaku Asahi (1987):116-121.

Mailing Address
P. O. Box 11, Chikugo, Fukuoka 833-8691, JAPAN