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Dynasties / Periods Dates Antiquities
The New Stone Age The early years Ca.7000-5000.BC Stone tool "Zhang"
The middle years Ca.5000-2100.BC Stone axe
The late years
(Xia dynasty ?)
Ca.2100-1600.BC "Ge"
Shang Ca.1600-1027.BC
Yin Ca.1400/1300-1027.BC
Zhou Western Zhou Ca.1027-771.BC Food grain vessel "Xu"
Eastern Zhou Spring and autumn
(Qi, Jin, Chu, Wu, Yue)
Warring states
(Qin, Chu, Qi, Yan, Han, Wei, Zhao)
475-221.BC Cup with two grips "Bei"
Bronze wedge "Xia"
Qin 221-206.BC
Western Han 206.BC-AD 8 Mirror of Western Han
Xin AD 8-23 Mirror of Xin
Eastern Han AD 25-220 Mirror of Eastern Han
Three kingdoms Wei AD 220-265 Mirror of three kingdoms
Wu AD 222-280
Shu AD 221-263
Jin Western Jin AD 265-316
Eastern Jin AD 317-420
Five tribes and sixteen kingdoms AD 304-439
Southern and northern dynasties Southern dynasties Song AD 420-479
Qi AD 479-502
Liang AD 502-557
Chen AD 557-589
Northern dynasties Northern Wei AD 386-534
Eastern Wei AD 534-550
Northern Qi AD 550-577
Western Wei AD 535-557
Northern Zhou AD 557-581
Sui AD 581-618
Tang AD 618-907 Mirror of Tang
Five dynasties ten kingdoms Five dynasties Late Liang AD 907-923
Late Tang AD 923-936
Late Jin AD 936-946
Late Han AD 947-950
Late Zhou AD 951-960
Ten kingdoms AD 902-979
Song Northern Song AD 960-1127
Southern Song AD 1127-1279
Liao AD 907-1125
Western Xia AD 1032-1227
Jin AD 1115-1234
Yuan AD 1279-1368
Ming AD 1368-1644
Qing AD 1644-1911
The Republic of China AD 1912-
The People's Republic of China AD 1949-

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