Joint Declaration of The Labor Summit Conference

Against Deregulation - Okinawa 2000


July 3, 2000


1. From the 21st to 23rd of July, the leaders of the eight countries gathering in Okinawa will discuss the world economy and order.

Today, the world economy faces the world-scale deregulation in the name of neo-liberal economy, globalization, and market principles, causing fierce competition among corporations, resulting in the further enlargement of TNCs, destruction of economies of poorer countries and regions, bankruptcy of small business, instability and demolition of employment among workers and citizens, who are being forced to compete with each other in order to maintain their lives.

From the 1st to the 3rd of July, we, workers and unions of five countries and regions (Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippines, and Japan) have gathered in Okinawa, discussed the influence of deregulation on workers, and achieved the same recognition thereof as follows.

2. Delegates of the countries and regions reported various concrete impacts upon workers in each country and region which have been caused by the deregulation policies implemented under the neo-liberal economy, by the control of IMF and World Bank, and by the WTO・pursuance of an enforced open market policy through free trade and investment.

(1) Dismissal of workers and streamlining called restructuring, accompanied by privatization of public corporations, expansion of TNCs, sales of domestic corporations to foreign big enterprises and realignment of enterprises, are rampant.

(2) Replacement of regular workers with irregular workers is rapidly being promoted.

(3) Unrestricted economic activities of TNCs are destroying national economies, threatening national sovereignty.

(4) As a result, workers are forced to withstand unstable employment, poverty, or dismissal. The inequality based upon the difference of gender is widening, and workers health is deteriorating due to overwork. The workers rights, even the right to organize/join a union, are deprived.

(5) Destruction of environment is threatening the future of the human being and its existence.

3. Recognizing the current situations of workers, we have confirmed to demand and fight to achieve the following points so that workers be able to work without fear and ordinary families to maintain their happy lives.

(1) To strengthen necessary regulations over TNCs to stop their destructive activities against the independence of economies of each country and region.

(2) To recognize that we are against any form of deregulation, allowing tyrannous activities by TNCs, ignoring destruction of employment, violating and deteriorating workers・rights; to oppose to multi or bilateral agreements on investment which narrows the rights of workers and trade unions.

(3) To reduce working hours without deteriorating working conditions, and guarantee more jobs for the unemployed.

(4) To immediately undertake legislate, which forbids any form of discrimination based upon race, gender, religion, nationality, employment scheme, but not limited to these items, and to guarantee migrant workers there right to live and workers・rights.

(5) To guarantee all workers the right to organize/join a union.

4. We had the opportunity to make an inspection tour on the US and Japanese military bases in Okinawa. We understood how enormous the bases in Okinawa are, and came to know the lives of Okinawans living next to them. We also held an exchange meeting with the people of Henoko, who are fighting against the construction of a new helicopter-port there. The foreign guest, workers and labor unions from the mainland of Japan and the people of Okinawa held a successful rally in Okinawa, where we further strengthened mutual understanding and solidarity.

We join together with the struggles of Okinawans for the dismantling of the military bases and for achievement of peace.

We also had reports from the Korean delegate about their struggle against US firing range in Korea, and from the Filipino delegate about their successful experience of dismantling US bases and struggles against military exercises. The delegates also expressed a deep offence and a big warning over the recent movement of the revival of the Japanese militarism.

5. We have confirmed through the Labor Summit that we organize cross-border struggles against the harsh reality which the neo-liberal economy and deregulation have brought about onto workers. We will endeavor to establish peace in the Asian-Pacific region through solidarity with the wish and struggles of Okinawans for peace, confirming that such struggles will be carried out together with citizens, farmers and students.


Korean Confederation of Trade Unions

Taiwan Confederation of Trade Unions

Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions


Labor Summit Japan Committee / Zenrokyo NTUC-Japan