The Programmatic Goals 
        of Workers Communist Party
 We will fight, in cooperation with the proletariat of the world, to 
achieve the following goals;
 We will abolish the private ownership of the main means of production 
(including land). Then, through the large-scale reduction of labor time, 
we will dissolve the employment structure that constitutes the most 
profound basis for the  chains of overdetermination, in which people 
have been divided into mental labor and manual labor, industry and 
agriculture, labor for material production and labor for the 
reproduction of labor force, employment and unemployment, in which the 
rulers and the ruled, the discriminators and the being discriminated 
have been confronting with each other; in order that society might get 
free from economic activities bound by struggle for subsistence and the 
free development  of each individual should provide the conditions for 
the free development of all the people. In parallel we will realize the 
distribution system according to the amount of labor, and then the 
distribution according to the demand. 
 We will abolish the capitalist system of allocation and coordination, 
in which economic resources such as labor force, means of labor, objects 
of labor, labor products and so on, are allocated and coordinated by the 
administrative structure of the state and the capital, or through the media 
of market. Being bolstered by the intervention of proletarian state in 
the period of transition, we will construct a system in which the 
allocation and distribution of economic resources of the society 
will be organized directly, mutually and cooperatively by the people 
in the field of production and life, according to their own demands 
on the regional, national and world-wide scale. 
 Thus, we will extinguish classes and class struggles from all the 
world, realizing the annihilation of the state, to establish the 
corporative society, the  society of world communism, in which the 
people of the world can unite together. Through the achievement of the 
following political revolutions the way to the full realization of these 
purposes will be prepared. And through the simultaneous achievement 
of the following social revolutions these purposes will be realized.
1) we will form a link in the chain of the proletarian world revolution. 
In our country we will overthrow the Japanese imperialist bourgeoisie 
and its state and sweep away the American Imperialism, in order to found 
a proletarian state; we will dissolve the Self Defense Force and the 
Police, and realize the armament of the all people. We will realize 
the opening of the information, the system of the recall of public 
servants, the autonomy of regions, the direct democracy on the higher 
level, to promote the self-government of the working people; we will 
abolish the Emperor System.  
2) we will fully guarantee the basic rights of freedom of speech, 
expression, publication and association, and the rights of existence 
and labor, based upon  the laws. Regardless of the differences of sex, 
physical, mental or intellectual?ghandicaps?h, ?gsocial rannk?h,folks, races and 
religions, we will realize the equal rights of all the people. 
3) we will abolish the Japan-U.S.-Security Treaty and let the American 
troops in Japan withdraw, and dissolve the international 
anti-revolutionist allied structure, in cooperation with the people of the world; 
we will abolish the nuclear weapons. We will apologize the Asian 
countries for the invasive wars and the colonist rules, realize the 
post-war compensation, and give political rights to the Koreans and 
Chinese in Japan, who have no political rights at the moment, and do 
away with economic inequalities. We will guarantee the right of racial 
self-determination and self-determination for the Ainus and the people 
of Ryukyu/Okinawa, so that the  minority people should not be 
discriminated and disadvantaged; we will prohibit the invasion and the 
intervention into other countries and nations and do away  with 
discrimination according to the nationalities. 
4) we will confiscate the means of production from the large capitals 
and great landlords, transforming them to the public property, and 
realize the participation of the working masses in the governance of 
economy. We will oppose to the exploitation of middle and small 
enterprises by the larger industries. We will transform the small-scale 
management of peasants and self-supporting people, into the voluntary 
5) we will realize the progressive taxation on the higher level, and 
oppose in  principle to the indirect tax.  
6) we will realize the global pension system on the public account for 
all the  members of the society, including the foreigners, settling in 
Japan. Guaranteeing the right of labor for the old and 
the?gdisabled?h, we will promote the welfare policy through social 
7) we will fight for the working class so that they can protect 
themselves from the physical and mental exhaustion and develop the 
potential for the struggle of the self-liberation; we will fully 
guarantee the rights of labor and existence; we will fully realize the 
6-hour-labor, 2 continuous holidays for a  week, a continuous one-month 
paid vacation for a year, the prohibition of the overtime work, the 
basic prohibition of the night-time work, and so on, and the further 
reduction of labor time as much as possible; we will make it possible 
that workers themselves can actually join in the determination of every 
sort of labor issues; we will secure the cheap and high-quality housing.
8) we will abolish the division of labor between men and women, and 
promote the socialization of housekeeping and childcare, guarantee the 
employment of women, and do away with the discriminations in the labor 
conditions such as wages; we will abolish the legal discrimination of 
women (such as the family register system); we will do away with the 
discriminative customs, morals and ideologies and master-consciousness 
of men; we will promote the political advancement of women. 
9) we will guarantee socially and materially the rights of children for 
life and learning and respect their human rights.
10)  we will promote the movement of social learning among all the 
people to fight against every form of social discrimination, such as 
class discriminations; we will abolish the controlled, discriminative, 
selective education; we will construct a learning=action system, in 
which all the people, regardless of ages, can combine the learning with 
social activities (labor for material production, labor for the 
reproduction of labor force, allocation and distribution of economic 
resources etc., and science, arts, sports, entertainment etc., various 
activities, constituting the society, including those of the state 
apparatus in the transitional period), and develop freely the 
self-development, without being fixed in certain areas of activity, 
without any selection or compulsion; we will realize the condition 
the grown-ups of the area can cooperatively join in the system to 
support the learning (??activity) of the children, as their labor time 
being immensely reduced. 
11) we will support the self-liberation movement of the 
?gdisabled?h, transforming the mode of society which will exclude, 
isolate and eradicate the ?gdisabled?hand the old, so that they can 
live in relief,  advance freely into the production and social 
activities, and continue working according to their own desires and 
12) we will recognize the right of impeachment for the masses of the 
discriminated communities and fight to do away with the discrimination 
against those communities. 
13) we will extinguish the opposition between a city and a rural 
community, namely, we will disperse and reallocate the 
constellations of the highly concentrated living areas and specialized 
industry zones properly, based with the con-sent of the people; we will 
transform each region into the field, in which people can develop 
themselves freely without the division of mental labor and manual labor, 
industry and agriculture, labor for the material production and labor 
for the reproduction for the labor force, employment and unemployment, 
etc.; in  the construction of the communal society we will incorporate 
the fruitful development of the natural environment as the most profound 
basis for the human development. On the basis of the communal society we 
will develop the global net- work society. 
14) we will put an end to the destruction of nature?i??human 
beings?j, caused  by capitalism; we will transform the highly wasteful 
society into the recycling society; we will remove the over- and 
underpopulation; we will abolish the atomic power station; we will 
reform radically the automobile-centered traffic system; we will stop 
the production system that destroys and exploits the nature, and   
create the new mode of production which ensures and enriches the natural 
 We will support the democratic movement of the working people that will 
oppose to the existing social and political institution in Japan. And 
concerning bourgeois democratic institutions including the Parliament we 
will make use of them so far as they are useful for the development of 
the class struggle of the proletariat. We will fight firmly against 
opportunism, reformism and modern revisionism which might support the 
institutions of bourgeois democracy and dim the class consciousness of 
the proletariat, and at the same time, we will insist that a true 
democracy can be established only under the proletariat state.  
 We are convinced that the complete and consistent performance of the 
above mentioned political and social duties can be achieved only through 
the overthrow of the bourgeois dictatorship, the sweeping of the 
American Imperialism and the establishment of the dictatorship of the 
proletariat. Thus we will struggle to enhance this confirmation to the 
confirmation of the working class and the people. 
                 Workers Communist Party of Japan